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I have been meaning to create my own store for some time but only wanted to sell the very best quality products out there. After months of rigorous testing, I am now confident with my suppliers and can’t wait to send you guys out my latest shirts, hats and sweaters!

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Due to a high number of orders, I am putting my store on hold until the 21st of June. Unlike big companies, each t-shirt is lovingly printed to order and quality control checked to the highest standards before leaving the print factory. When a huge fluctuation comes in from a design going viral (Thanks Samuel L. Jackson!) it can take a little longer than usual to get printed. In this particular case, the amazing printing elves (that's how I imagine them in my head) are working around the clock to get them out as quickly as possible. To help them out, I thought it would be best to give them a bit of breathing room rather than keep the orders flowing in. When we open back up, I plan on launching several new tees and dropping a cheeky 24-hour discount code on Instagram. For those of you waiting on a tee, they should be with you within 14 days of ordering and will definitely be worth the wait. Thanks for your patience and for supporting my art! - Your friendly, neighborhood designer friend Matt

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