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Retro Design Co. was created by artist Matt Heald of Retro Review. His mission was to enrich the lives of others through modern logo art, with creatively engineered design excellence that lasts for generations to come… He then decided that sounded way too pretentious and instead opted to just create epic designs, for epic people.


I’ve worked with clients of all shapes & sizes. From local startup businesses like Bull House Barbers Barnsley to multinational conglomerates like Hasbro Toys. I’ve even designed for multiple US Military services!

Just A Few of My Epic Clients...

As much as they loved me, the guys at The Pentagon never gave me an invite to the Area 51 themed Halloween partyOr perhaps they did and I just can’t talk about it.

Why You Should Choose Retro Design Co.

Come as a Client, Leave as a Friend

This is part of the Retro Design Co. ethos. When you work with me, I want you to have the best customer experience possible. I try not to do anything formal via long-winded emails and meetings. Instead, I like to talk to you informally and relaxed on Skype and even Facebook. I find that once I get to know you outside of just work, I can design things that nobody else can achieve without working for someone for many years.

More Than 13 Years of Experience

Unlucky for some, but not for you! Retro Design Co. has been working in design and marketing for over 13 years. With an abundance of skills and knowledge at your disposal, you’re bound to get what you need here. Whether you’re looking for a rebrand or a complete business start-up package, I can offer you a full turnkey design solution.

Passion for all Things Retro!

Retro isn’t just in the name for fun. I have a passion for creating retro-inspired designs that spread nostalgia from your childhood. Whether that’s 70’s Arcade games, 80’s movies or 90’s POGs, we have you covered.

Quintessentially British

I don’t know why but 90% of Retro Design Co. clients are from the States and overseas. There was a part of me that thought you guys must love classic British humour. It could just be the Northern accent, though. Either way, if you choose me, I might even send you some tea at Christmas or something randomly cool you won’t be expecting.

Quick Turnaround Time

I know that when it comes to your business, time is money. You want to be up and running as quickly as possible so you can gain your return on investment and I want you to be too. You’ll be given a timescale that works for you and no corners will ever be cut to hit critical deadlines. Clients come to me again and again because they know they can get their designs when they need them.

Tailor Made Services

Here at Retro Design Co. I tailor all services to give you exactly what you need for your business and are there every step of the way to help you achieve your goals. By coming to me directly, you’re cutting out any “middle-men” design agency, so you can be sure that 100% of your payment is going directly to the artist working on your design.

Merch You'll Want to Wear!

I absolutely love designing merch! With past clients such as Hasbro Toys and celebrities such as Keanu Reeves & Samuel L. Jackson donning Retro Design Co. t-shirts, my designs are ones that you and your customers will want to wear.

Take the Word of My Clients

When it comes to happy clients, I’ve got an extensive track record. Past clients have included everyone from independent comic book designers to large global companies like Sony Pictures Entertainment and even the US Military. Want to know what they thought of my work? Below, you’ll find some testimonials from clients’ past and present.

Retro Design Co. Testimonials

The dude is super dependable! He will make sure you get what you want, when you want it, by the time you want it... so get on it!
Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L Jackson (Legendary Actor)
Every Awesome Movie You Have Watched!
Play Video about Samuel L Jackson Testimonial
Thank God I met Matt from Retro Design Co. he was exactly what I was looking for...
Abroad in Japan
Chris Broad (YouTuber)
Abroad in Japan
Play Video about Abroad in Japan Testimonial
Oh my gosh, thank you Matt. This is crazy!
Mr Beast 6000 Logo
Jimmy Donaldson (YouTuber)
Play Video about Mr Beast TShirt
It's only been a few weeks and I am already starting to see growth!
Kanto Kurt Logo
Kurt (YouTuber)
Kanto Kurt
Play Video about Kanto Kurt Testimonial
Hey Matt! We were happy to wear your shirts in the Weezer music video.
alex winter
Alex Winter (Actor - Bill S. Preston Esquire)
Bill & Ted
Matt is definitely one of the friendliest and quickest designers I have ever worked with. I was also blown away from his creativity and versatility when it came to helping me design a logo. You can pretty much give him ANYTHING and he'll figure out a way to make it a masterpiece. Even my Twitch chat was impressed! Once again, thank you so much Matt for helping me evolve my branding to a whole 'nother level!
Assy Twitch Logo
Mitchell (Vtuber & Twitch Streamer)
Matt has designed a number of merchandise items for our website. He works extremely quick from concept to final design. I have already recommended his work to a few other game developers.
Gamelyn Games
Michael Coe (Founder & CEO)
Gamelyn Games
Professional service, fast, efficient and worked hard with us to create the marketing materials needed for our project. Would definitely use again in the future.
retro gaming league
Stephen Smith (Owner)
Retro Gaming League & Retro Events
Matt provided a full solution for our business. I came to him originally for a logo, but his knowledge and contacts helped provide everything from branded wall signage to workwear for my team. I would highly recommend him to any startup business.
Bull House Barbers Barnsley
Eadon Asquith (Owner)
Bull House Barbers
Matt created some amazing officially licensed designs for our NerdBlock fans. He worked really well to strict brand guidelines and produced fantastic results in a quick turnaround time. If you are looking for a passionate designer, get him on board.
Russ Montague (President & CEO)
Anybody needing a logo design done, Matt is the best. He has created a few for my comic books so far and I will be back again for more in the future.
The Lay of Tue
J.T. Gabriel (Comic Book Creator)
The Lay of Tue & Inheritance
"How do I get one of those [shirts]?!" - mentioned on Twitter after Keanu wore his Be Excellent shirt to Comic Con.
ed solomon
Ed Solomon (Writer/Producer/Director)
Bill & Ted, Men in Black
If you are in need of a logo/title design try Matt out. He has been a big part of branding the world of Kerra Prime and I would recommend him to any comic book artist.
silverbax logo
Bryan SilverBax (Comic Book Creator)
Scout Comics & Kerra Prime
We worked alongside Retro Design Co. on a number of projects ranging from branding to search engine optimisation of our websites. Matt and his team are now my go to for any new venture for our company.
Lion Mattresses
Ben Bailey (Managing Director)
Lion Mattresses, SoundFix & GB Foam
When it came to producing a logo for the band we were all clueless. That’s where Matt stepped in. I gave him a message to see if he could help us out. Matt asked if we could send him some tracks to listen to which we did. Matt then produced an amazing logo that really sums up the kind of music we play. Amazingly it was turned around in just a couple of days and we were all blown away by the design. So a huge thank you for helping put The Radio Racers on the map.
The Radio Racers
Billy Norman (Bassist)
Showaddywaddy & Radio Racers
Retro Design Co. has been helping me plot for world domination for some time now. His art sells very well to teeVillain's League of Dastardly Do-Badders. Our Secret Society of chosen loyal devoTees love his work and keep coming back for more.
TeeVillain Taskmaster

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