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Brand Development

From £1200 / $1395

Logos are great, but if you really want to get ahead of the competition, you need to think about everything that logo is going to touch in its lifetime for generations to come. Retro Design Co. specialises not just in design, but also in marketing, to help you create a timeless brand that stands out from the crowd.

Brand development packages start out with a one-to-one online consultation; getting to the very heart of your company to learn exactly what makes you unique and what you need for your customers. From there, I carry out background research into your customers and investigate website search volumes so that I can tailor the perfect logo and branding for your demographic. I’ll learn your likes and dislikes and help you discover your biggest market competitors.

From £1200 / $1395, this turnkey solution for your company includes a vector logo, keyword research and competitor report, full brand guidelines (fonts and colour combinations to be used across all mediums) and a business card design.

Brands I've Worked With

I’ve worked with clients of all shapes & sizes. From local startup businesses like Bull House Barbers Barnsley to multinational conglomerates like Hasbro Toys. I’ve even designed for multiple US Military services!

Just A Few of My Epic Clients...

As much as they loved me, the guys at The Pentagon never gave me an invite to the Area 51 themed Halloween partyOr perhaps they did and I just can’t talk about it.

Brand Development Work

Too Much Volcano Album Art
Abroad in Japan Logo Design
Logo Design Signage
Dont Feed The Dog Logo Design
Dont Feed The Dog Beermat Design
Funk & Groove Branding
HardBop Logo Design
Duo Logo Design
Bullhouse Barbers Pomade
Bullhouse Barbers Logo
bullhouse barbers signage
The Radio Racers
Radio Racers Logo Design
Radio Racers Vinyl Cover Design
King of Mattresses
Lion Mattresses
Lion Mattress Billboard
Soundfix Logo Signage
Soundfix Acoustic Foam
SoundFix Logo Van Signage
Shade Wooden Packaging
Shade Made by Nature Logo
Shade Wooden Sunglasses
HB Handbook
HB Handbook Logo
HB Handbook Chef
Adam Mattress
Adam Logo
Adam Scientist
Gaiju Logo
Gaiju Skateboard
Phone Grip Design
YouTube Logo Design
Comic Tropes Merchandise
Surging Bulls Merch Design
Surging Bulls Packaging Design
Surging Bulls Beanie Design

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