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With over a thousand custom logos designed, Retro Design Co. can offer you the perfect branding solution and a timeless logo. Whether you’re after a title logo for your comic or a corporate logo for your new business, I can provide you with a vector design that makes heads turn and can be blown up to the size of the Empire State Building, with zero loss to quality.

Logo design packages start from £600 / $695. This includes an online consultation, background research into your products and competitors and a single logo design presented in vector format. If you require business cards, full brand guidelines, product packaging or merch, please take a look at the brand development page.

Brands I've Worked With

I’ve worked with clients of all shapes & sizes. From local startup businesses like Bull House Barbers Barnsley to multinational conglomerates like Hasbro Toys. I’ve even designed for multiple US Military services!

Just A Few of My Epic Clients...

As much as they loved me, the guys at The Pentagon never gave me an invite to the Area 51 themed Halloween partyOr perhaps they did and I just can’t talk about it.

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